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Learn how Streetlytics can help you make an informed choice.

Learn how Streetlytics can help you make an informed choice.

Discover where consumers are headed

Streetlytics, a product of Citilabs, leverages cellphone and GPS data in a revolutionary way to understand where and when your key consumers are driving so you can make smarter decisions, faster. Our comprehensive, street-by-street traffic knowledge gives you a 360-degree view of traffic, volumes and patterns in cities throughout the United States.

For every street, we provide:

  • Traffic volume (daily, morning, evening, off-peak)
  • Primary direction of flow (morning and evening)
  • Traffic congestion (daily, morning, evening, off-peak)
  • Demographics of drivers (daily)
  • Trip purpose (daily)
  • Origin-destination patterns (daily)

Traffic Patterns and Driver Demographics
on Every Street

Streetlytics pulls real infomation from billions of points of GPS, cellular, connected car, Bluetooth, ticketing, demographics, and ground truth data to paint the richest, most complete picture of the moving population. We give you detailed answers to crucial questions about volume, direction, congestion levels, driver characteristics and trip purpose on every street so you can make decisions with confidence.

  • Volume
  • Direction
  • Congestion
  • Demographics
  • Purpose
  • Patterns
Streetlytics map on monitor

Traffic Volume

How many vehicles are driving down every road-- from freeways to cul-de-sacs--every day? How do these numbers change in the morning, evening and off-peak hours?

Streetlytics map on monitor

Primary Direction of Flow

What direction are most drivers headed in the morning and evening?

Streetlytics map on monitor

Traffic Congestion

Is this road stop-and-go or does traffic move smoothly throughout the day? Is the road saturated or does it have the capacity for future growth?

Streetlytics map on monitor

Driver Demographics

Who is behind the wheel and what streets are they driving on? What’s their age and income level? Do they have children? We also provide more detailed profile information through ESRI’s Tapestry demographic segmentation.

Streetlytics map on monitor

Trip Purpose

Where are drivers headed? Are they commuting to work or school? Are they running local errands or just passing through?

Streetlytics map on monitor

Origin Destination Patterns

Where are drivers coming from and where are they headed?

The Streetlytics Mobility Project

Data on Over 2.5 Million Miles of Road across the United States.

“We wouldn’t have been able to grow the way that we did without the data from Streetlytics”