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Explore Your Options

Access Streetlytics in three different ways

Web Application

Website access to volume maps, direction of flow, congestion levels, driver demographics, trip purpose, and trip patterns.

On-Premise Data

Access to raw data, enabling use of the information in local analytical tools.

Data API

API access to traffic volume, driver demographics, trip purpose and trip patterns.

Steetlytics Web Application

The Streetlytics web application is your portal for unlocking traffic knowledge. It includes the following maps and features:

Volume & Traffic Flow Direction Maps

View daily, morning, evening and off-peak traffic by direction and maps of morning and evening primary direction of flow. Select a street to see a summary of volume by time of day and traffic flow quality.

Volume of All Streets

Primary Direction of Flow

Demographic Maps

Discover the average household income, household size and age of head of household for drivers on a particular street. Select a street to access detailed demographic information of drivers. Access ESRI Tapestry data, which segments the population into 65 detailed classifications.

Average Household Income

Average Household Size

Average Age of Householder

Money Maps

Show the flow of money on every street. It merges daily traffic volume with average household income.

Daily Household Income Flow

% Commuting

% Education

% Local Traffic

Trip Purpose Maps

Detail the percentage of drivers commuting to work and school and the number of local and non-local trips for the average day.

Traffic Flow Quality Maps

Show average travel conditions for the whole day and details for morning, evening and off-peak hours. Roads are rated from poor to excellent based on their average congestion levels.

Morning Congestion

Evening Congestion

Off-Peak Congestion

Trip Pattern Maps

Show where drivers are coming from and where they are headed on an average day, as well as their home locations.

Origin Destination Flow

On-Premise Data

Streetlytics On-Premise Data

Streetlytics data are delivered as a geodatabase or shape file for use in GIS software such as ArcGIS from ESRI. The data may also be accessed as ESRI map services. This option makes it possible to directly incorporate our data in your company’s analytical processes.

Data provided in the On-Premise solution includes:

Period-Specific Data Attributes

Data is provided for the following segments

  • Morning (7AM-10AM)
  • Evening (4PM-7PM) and
  • Off-Peak (12AM-7AM + 10AM-4PM + 7PM-12AM)

* All attributes are provided by direction

* Attributes are provided for all roadways with a speed limit of 25MPH or greater

  • Total Traffic Volume
  • Traffic Volume by Size of Household
    • 1 person
    • 2 person
    • 3 person
    • 4 person
    • 5+ person
  • Road Saturation Index
  • Traffic Volume by Age of Head of Household
    • 15-24 years old
    • 25-44 years old
    • 45-64 years old
    • 65+ years old
  • Traffic Volume by Household Income Class
    • $0-$25,000
    • $25,001-$50,000
    • $50,001-$100,000
    • $100,001+

Average Daily Data Attributes

Data provided for the average 24-hour day:

* All attributes are provided by direction

* Attributes are provided for all roadways with a speed limit of 25MPH or greater

* ESRI Tapestry is an optional add-on

  • Traffic Volume by Travel Motivation
    • Commuting to and from work
    • Commuting to and from education (University + School)
    • Other
  • Traffic Volume by Travel Type
    • Local travel (both origin and destination are within the CBSA)
    • Non-local travel (either origin or destination, or both, are outside of  the CBSA)
  • Traffic Volume by ESRI Tapestry Class.

Average Daily Travel Pattern Data

Data provided for the average 24-hour day:

* Data is provided at the US Census block group level
  • Table of Traffic Volume by Origin and Destination Pair
  • Table of Traffic Volume by Home Location and Destination Pair

Data API

Streetlytics data is now available through API.