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Make Smarter Decisions

Who Will Benefit From Streetlytics?

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, purchase real estate, promote a service or plan a new project in your current city or across the country, Streetlytics brings you the information and insights you need to be successful.

Retailers, developers, outdoor advertisers, insurance companies, real estate agencies and government departments will all benefit from a 360 degree view of traffic patterns — including volume, congestion and driver demographics on every street across the country. We are continuing to evolve not only what we measure, but also how this information can help you drive profitability and growth.

Commercial Site Location

Location matters. Knowing how many vehicles pass a specific location and who's behind the wheel helps businesses pinpoint the smartest choices for commercial development, leasing and the selection of a new store location.

Traffic was previously measured only by counting the vehicles that passed in front of or near a potential location. But many consumers are willing to drive a few blocks or minutes out of their way to get the product or service they desire. To gain a more accurate assessment, Streetlytics measures traffic volume, traffic congestion and driver demographics for a specific location's entire retail trade zone using real-time cellular and GPS data.

The Building Blocks of Location Selection

Average Daily Traffic

Morning Traffic

Evening Traffic

Traffic Flow Direction

Evening Traffic Congestion

Driver Demographics

Residential Real Estate

Local Traffic Volume

Regional Traffic Volume

Traffic Congestion

Traffic Flow Direction

Choosing a home is a complex process. Cost, public school quality, proximity to work, and quality of life all weigh heavily on a buyer’s decision. Other, previously difficult-to-measure factors such as street noise, car pollution, congestion and traffic safety can also greatly influence the home-buying process.

Streetlytics traffic volume information gives homebuyers and real estate agents the level of traffic in front of every home along with detailed indexes of average travel congestion throughout the day. We also provide insights into the demographics and patterns of travel on those streets.


Streetlytics can be instrumental in helping insurance companies understand which streets higher-risk drivers use most often.

By combining traffic volume and congestion levels with demographic factors frequently correlated with insurance risks, such as age and household income, we can accurately pinpoint where higher-risk drivers are and when.

Young Travelers


Outdoor Media

Roadways of all kinds boast miles of opportunity for connecting with drivers through outdoor advertising.

Streetlytics helps marketers understand the traffic volume and viewership of a particular location by time of day and direction. This knowledge ensures a smart match between audience and message.

Daily Traffic

Morning Traffic

Evening Traffic

Average Household Income

Average Household Size

Average Age of Householder


Planning, maintaining and operating the country’s roads are one of the greatest responsibilities of state and local government.

Streetlytics’ comprehensive traffic volume and congestion information along with origin-destination patterns actively inform public works, planning, and economic development decisions. Armed with this crucial information, state and local governments can optimize budgets, avoid unexpected travel delays, and accurately understand the consequences of proposed development and improvements.

Morning Congestion

Evening Congestion

Off-Peak Congestion

Daily Traffic

Morning Traffic

Evening Traffic

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